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– Frequently Asked Questions –

Q – Once I’ve completed my order, why am I being redirected to Amazon?
A – We at Elite Pet Groomers are what is called an Amazon Affiliate. We discuss, review, and list items that are available through the Amazon web site. Amazon will process your order, ship your items, and keep you updated with tracking information. They have an incredible, world-wide infrastructure for these products, so we let them handle all that. It lets us focus on finding the best items for you!

Q – Do the products you list cost more than they do on Amazon?
A – No, in fact the prices are exactly the same. We earn a small percentage of sales that we refer, but that money comes from Amazon, at no added expense to you. We only make a small amount, but it’s worth it for us to not have to worry about stock, payment process, and shipping.

Q – How long does delivery take?
A – That is going to depend on what you end up ordering. Amazon is generally very fast about getting you your products. Also, remember that Amazon Prime customers get many items shipped for free.

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